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  1. I was confused over the very topic of the write-up and at first sight it seemed it was about a person named as Fida Nagina Chitral. There was no coherence between the parts of the article and one felt confused what it was about at all. The editorial should ensure proper editing before making it on line.
    As far the credentials about the police officer I would say postings and responsibilities assigned to an officer is the index of his or her career in the civil and military service. As far as Fida Hassan sahib is concerned, he has, to my knowledge, served only in Dir Upper as district police officer. The writer has attributed the NTS selection process for appointment in the police department as one of the accomplishments of the officer. In this age, the police officer is judged by his contribution to avert terrorist and saboteur activities. It can be hardly predicted that on the basis of his previous assigments in the fields, the officer, which the writer has extolled as the proud son of Chitral, will be posed as regional police officer (DIG).
    A person from Chitral did his master degree and got qualified for PSP and was posted in different offices and that is all and it hardly makes a merit to be mentioned in the newspaper of the calibre of Chitraltoday.net.

  2. Our Prays and best wishes with DIG sb and want to see them on higher position although DIG Rink is very high and expectation are more.

  3. Yes, we are proud of Mr. Fida Hassan and remember him to be very hard working and decent student. I haven’t met him after his school life but, pray for his further promotions when come to know that he has got higher rank in the Police Force.Stay blessed, dear Fida!

  4. Never met Respectable Fida Hussain (DIG- Training Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police) but had a single chance to talk on telephone. Really impressed with his dealing besides all his achievements and credentials mentioned in the article. He is surely a great example for the generations following especially for Chitrali’s. May Allah bless him with many more success, Ameen