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صوبائی حکومت نے چترال میں 2ارب 19کروڑ روپے خرچ کیے۔ایم پی اے فوزیہ بی بی — 3 Comments

  1. In fact the female MPA made fun of the very manifesto of PTI through such dramas like inauguration of tsunami tree plantation. The people of Chitral would appereciate if she could have raised voice against her party leaders who were invloved in illegal cutting of trees. I have written a letter to PTI chairman Imran Khan requesting that he must not impose such people on us who does not understand the very manifesto of his party. It would not be wrong if I may say that it is PTI leadership which destroyed the jungles in Chitral. There are cases against local PTI leaders innthe court for illegal cutting of trees. In next elections Imran Khan should not get ticket to anybody in Chitral and instead some untested guys should be tried. They may win the polls but any mistake to award ticket to these people will be the last nail in the coffin of PTI in the district. The only problem due to which the party has failed to make its mark in the valley is lack of leadership.

  2. Well said Mr. Mottasim Billah! Where did the so claimed huge amount go? Honorable MPA, Fozia must give detail.

  3. It would have been a bit easy for us to understand if the female MPA could have explained where this money was spent. Mere statements like inaugurating tsunami tree plantation without paying any heed to illegal cutting of trees in Chitral, seems our politicians have learnt the art to befool masses within a very short span of time. Could the MPA explain why she failed to stop illegal cutting of trees in Chitral except backing the mafias involved into this dirty business of timber. Same is the case with these hollow claims of bringing billions of rupees to Chitral. Tbe people who properties were damaged in last year earthquake and floods could be seen making rounds around government offices while those wilfully demolished their houses to get by some cash by cheating on the government have build new houses for themselves. The poor who list everything are still shivering inside tents provided by Falahe Insaniat Foundation of Prof Hafiz Saeed. Chitral bypass road is still giving a dirty look. Electricity is not available. The roads are in a dilapidated condition. Hospitals are giving a look of veterinary centres. Patwaris still rule the roost. So madam MPA where did u spend the huge sum of money which you claim of snatching from Pervez Khatrak?