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بہت جلد مستوج ضلع کی بحالی کا اعلان کریں گے،وزیر اعلی — 4 Comments

  1. We appreciate sincere endeavors of Shahzada Sikandar Ul Mulk sahib for inviting attention of CM sahib towards this significant issue.

  2. we highly appreciate the sincere efforts of Shahzada Sikandar Ul Mulk Mastuj Chitral regarding restoration Mastuj district status after the passage of 49 years. welldone. Great minds always love to take great steps.

  3. Indeed it is due to the kind endeavors of Shahzada Sikandar ul Mulk and it will be the milestone for the strong base of PTI and shahzada sikandar in whole Mastuj region. looking forward for the proper execution that is much important… live long shahzada sikandar and PTI…

  4. Brat d mo chuyar cheq d mo kelar. District kardua tan daur e hokumata Kore seer hanise boghava chchu elan kori pti bir ta k intikhbata har biti tamam zima Dario agli hakumato sora dre nishir.

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