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سی پیک کی وجہ سے چترال کےامن کو تباہ کیا جاسکتا ہے: ڈاکٹرعنایت اللہ فیضی — 4 Comments

  1. If the culture does not let you develop than it’s not wise to stick to the culture. Chitral has to open up and be part of the wider global society. We can not afford to live in poverty at the cost of preservation of so called culture.

  2. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project is a game changer for the entire region as it would bring peace, prosperity and political stability to the country and the route will open business and economic generating opportunities for Chitral, it’s the fact that the Indian intelligence agency RAW has established a special cell at its Head Quarters in New Delhi to sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and the plan is executed via Afghanistan with the support of NDS but Allamduillah we have strong counter intelligence system to counter Regional Extremism and Terrorism against Pakistan. I don’t think it’s appropriate to misguide local people and to cultivate negative belief against CPEC among local people, this will help the external elements and provide them soft target against CPEC. I strongly believed that the CPEC will have no any negative impact on Chitral peace and its culture.

  3. ڈاکٹر عنایاتعلل فیضی صاحب، یہی بات لواری ٹنل ک خلاف کرتے رہے ہیں، بلکہ پورا ایک گروپ چترال کا اندر ایک لابی بنا
    ، کر لواری ٹنل کے خلاف لمبی جھنگ لڑی

    • No, never. I always wrote in favour of Lawari tunnel and Tajikistan road. This is part of wtitten record. Dr Khalil sould be kind enough to put the record straight.