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سہت میں برف باری پرفسادات ایک خبر ہے — 3 Comments

  1. Fathoming the nerves of society is phenomenal skill, and in this article, the writer smartly, summarily, and academically picturized the contents of its street life. Without such kinds of reflections…..how a society turned into a nation……I mean a tolerant, and civilized!!!!! I ask the learned readers, please look the other side of the signboard…..which has a powerful message.

  2. Dear Mulkow . It was just a piece of humor.I know there is no comparison nor there should be. My intention was to provoke and make all of us recall weather or not we have involved ourselves in such cases/ activities …….. I really admire your style of critic , it was really very interesting to read it . This is what i really need be be happened after any writ-up. Thank you very much for reading it so carefully and commenting on it positively … My respect and love is always there for the readers like you.Can we be connected @ : shamstashhabiba@gmail.com so that we could have more
    literary discussions.

  3. A mualim fakhr e milat bani e naugh e bashar
    tujh se vabista hain hazaron arzuen quam ki

    Respected Sir, apologies in advance, cos i felt your article does not reveal our original norm and culture. we chitrali are humble, respectable and caring people that is generally recognized around the globe. I humbly request the educated people of chitral like you to mention our positive points. such type of events are normal that happens every where.
    they might be our local brothers either they are from saht or booni, you were supposed to reconcile the matter and advise them, instead of making it fun over here.
    we are looking for some positive comments about our chitral, specially we expect you guys to make any positive changes with the power of your pen.