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  1. My dear. Just look at the size of Army or its allied organizations. There are more 1 million troops combined of Army Rangers FC etc. Now see how much of them are deployed at border. At most half of them. The other half are completely at rest at most secure and peaceful city cantonment etc. The are free to do business ranging from Cereals to Fertilizers to Hotels, Guest Houses etc. Now look at any civilian organization. Everyone has daily dealing with public and are not free at all. While Army is at leisure during peace times and there is no war for the last 50 years since 1971, so an organization getting such a huge budget no wonder can do anything. So instead of always decrying civilian organizations and praising “boot”, see objectively the workload on the organizations. Do come up with the argument that we call Army for every event. There is nothing wrong if after consuming more than a trillion budget you come out during flood to rescue people. This ridiculous to use this lame comparison of apple with oranges.