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دو ملاؤں میں مرغی حرام — 4 Comments

  1. I knew that the above narration will be targeted as anti-mullah and anti-beard behaviour because, I have experienced it hundred times in the past.In this country one should not tell the truth otherwise he shall be labelled with……whatever the other wishes to name.

  2. sir you are 100% true in your above article. We are facing absolutely a lot of problems in our society by such kind of molvies even they are showing a part of their life of mustahab but the faraiaz are engulfed by them.
    So my humble request to you only this one that even someone follows Islamic education or not we must follow it.
    We are indigent, where we go? how we find solution of such kind problems.
    Long long ago a girl from Jews family was arrested by prophet s a w followers during battle field. She was presented before our Prophet Muhammad s a w w. Our great Prophet s a w w covered her by his holy blanket and sahaba kiram felt it bad and did not like how possible that a clean and holy blanket is used to cover the kafir and unholy body of Jew girl.
    Our great Muhammad s a w w replied that she is a daughter even she is a daughter of kafir. What will be the difference between me and her father if I treat her as her father. I have been sent to be mercyful from Allah. Later this girl was sent to her parents along with two young followers of prophet s a w w.
    When this girl arrived her home she told all about her situation which was dealt by prophet s a w w and young sahabas. Resultantly she converted into Islam to see the holy character of prophet and his young followers.
    So if the above mentioned molvies would read or hear this narration I think this situation would never happened.

  3. Sorry to say but criticizing Mullahs and Beard has become a favorite topic and a fashion nowadays.