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  1. That was an account of Islamabad but how it affected us all in other parts of the country is like adding salt to the wound. I had to travel to Peshawar to attend a family gathering and I could not because the Motorway and the GT road both were blocked and closed for traffic. We had to face acute shortage of fuel for two days in Lahore. Daily supplies were only available in the supermarket convenience stores, education institutions were closed down for two days. Trade centres, markets and bazaars were on shutter down strike; public transport services were suspended for two days here. It was total chaos; it looked as if we don’t live in a country ruled by law. The Army played politics this time; as the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court remarked afterwards-You spent whole two years in Operation Rad ul Fasaad yet refused to exercise the writ of the govt. by saying that you can’t use force on your own people-what a joke! Since when perpetrators became your own people? Finally the unthinkable happened to much embarrassment of Pakistan in the international community; a sitting Federal Minister had to resign just because an angry mob demanded it no matter whatsoever the justification was. This has set such a bad precedence that now on people who play with the sentiments of the common man will be encouraged to organise such like sit-ins with more force. How many ministers will have to resign in future we don’t know. It was total mismanagement on the part of the govt.

  2. My point of view was also supported by the court. CJ asked “who is funding the mega event?”

  3. very factual analysis by dr sahib but it ends with the typical and stereotypical mantra that everything is done by enemies of our country from abroad. so who to blame if our enemies sitting outside are able to send their people to the door of the federal capital? are our security apparatus so naive that they know the enemies but can do nothing?

  4. You are right Faizi sb, No one should be allowed to play with the law and there should be no negotiation who break the law. State should exercise it writ.

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