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حکمران اپنے کمیشن کیلئے کوئلے کے بجلی گھر تعمیر کر رہے ہیں — 3 Comments

  1. Really fed up with this man’s diatribe as if there is nothing else except Nawaz Sharif and Panama papers. Earlier he used to stage dharnas against rigging in 2013 elections that he could not prove.
    At least in Chitral I was expecting something good for our people. His govt in KP is doing nothing but making tall claims and accusations against others. Imran should change his strategy if he wants to win any election in future.

  2. I don’t know what strategy you are talking about? I can guess that it may be the very old and traditional strategy to fool general public by making unrealistic promises and then waiting for the people to forget them..
    This is the real change if anyone want to observe and understand democratic norms in which system/institutions holds prime importance and exactly what he is talking about.

  3. Ap log apnay hissay ki Commission k leye, Shish Powerhouse or Reshun Power house ko theakay pe day ker commission vusul nai ker rahay? PEDO k website pe abi tak Reshun powerhouse running show honay ka kia matlab hay? you people getting your commission and destrying public property

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