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حلقہ بندیوں میں ردّوبدل — 4 Comments

  1. @Dur Wali: This reflects poorly our political understanding. Census was planned for a year, carried out in 6 months and results annonced a year ago but no one in Chitral understood the impact of less population. An estimated 40% population of chitral living outside Chitral was left out but neither our MPA’s, MNA’s nor people like you who are active on SM realized the impact. Even now, when a seat is gone people think this is the biggest effect of less population. We do not even understand what is Census, how does it work in sharing of resouces and how it is used for urban/rural development. We are only fixed at, ‘hamara seat hamay wapas dedo zalimo’.

  2. Thank you Dr faizi sb for highlighting an important issue in a nice and convincing way. Now we have two options to pursue our case in effective and convincing way to make realize our parliamentarians that what act they passed in the house is against the best interest of the general public and is human rights violation. we can request our parliament to make amendment in the said act and restore our PA seat. second option, we should approach to Supreme Court and request for restoration of our PA seat. As our 50% population was out of Chitral during Census in connection of Jobs and business and we were not allowed to enrty their names with families in Chitral, as a result we have to lose our PA seat, which is a human right violation.