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تحصیل ہیڈکوارٹرہسپتال بونی کی حالت زار — 2 Comments

  1. We are confused now.
    When we hear daily same lecture of Mr Imran Khan ten times from different corners of Pakistan, from Sialkot to Garamchashma which is many times re twitted by his party workers like Rafique Jakrani of Sindh to Abdul Lartif of chitral that construction of motorway,bridges,metro and orange train is wastage of national exchequer and a way of corruption.So we become satisfied when we see the broken roads and bridges of chitral that at least there is no corruption in our district so no infra structure development. And the money is being used for humans in the sector of education and health according to the great vision of Khan sb.
    Then we see pictures of a THq /future DHQ hospital of our up chitral, sent by not less than a reliable ex DEO/Principal presenting the scene of a health facility of a war turned country like Afghanistan or Syria.
    Then press conferences of KPK health minister Mr Shahram Tarakai echos in our ears about the successful health reforms in Health deptt leading to surprise of anchors from Punjab and health professionals from outside Pakistan coming back to KPK in search of jobs.
    Can any responsible person from PTI KPK or chitral will tell us where the national exchequer is being used neither in infra structure nor in health.
    Is that development is only in face book where from Mahatir Mohd of Malaysia to Tayab urudgon of Turkey are praising the leadership and planing of Mr Imrarn khan and now the young Saudi crown prince has asked for Arabic translation of Mr Khan’s planning and achievements.
    From the four and half years performance in KPK, PTI might win few seats from urban areas of Punjab and Sindh due to development in facebook but it looks not possible to win even that from KPK.

  2. The above mentioned are all 100 present
    true we need special effort for the
    Hospital which may be DHQ near future
    We thank our great teacher to write on
    This big issue of the region.thanks.