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بھولی بسری یادیں- ھائی سکول چترال — 5 Comments

  1. Respected sir, Great acknowledgement. Building buildings for various purposes is not so difficult, but achieving the goals of those institutions is a challenge for all of us to achieve. We must pay tribute to those, who thought to provide us education at our door step, however we are the once to make sure that it is meeting the goals set forth. Is it still contributing in the same zest. The very administration of this particular school has to answer to all Chitralis about its achievements. What is the present status of state of school affairs, how is teaching and learning taking place? Is it the same as is going on in other govt school (we all are well aware of the state of teaching & learning in govt schools).

  2. Thanks, Aseer sahib for informative writing. please keep educating us.

  3. Impressive history of our education in chitral,and thanks those intellectuals who preserve this history in written

  4. Wonder full acknowledgement of our historical high school. Thank you very much Sir

  5. Very good reflecton on the sweet memories of the former State High School Chitral.Thank you Aseer sahab ! keep it up.