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بھرتیاں میرٹ پر کرانے پر پراجیکٹ ڈائریکٹر کا کردار لائق تحسین — 25 Comments

  1. Mr Aizaz bro don’t teach me ethics… it is really happened inside the P&D room and this is my right to raise my voice against such injustice (Koy b nazam kafar per to chal sakta hai zulam per nahi (Hadith))… Mr. Sohail if it was so to select whatever was suggested from demo than why they managed interview… Even I have objection that why they call only teachers from Peshawar university why not from other universities… How you select a candidate s/he could not be able talk two minutes on its subject… How can I believe that the mentioned candidate performed well in demo… all these are my concern… And I sword that this happened inside either you believe or not… Allkhamdullah I know my self that is why I took this issue over here… You can deviate from my opinion if you don’t believe but I wrote a real story if you are so influential person in uoch than you can ask about my performance and others… Otherwise you can sue me on this issue if you have deep affiliations with UOCH and top managment…Thank you I am not going to response again and again I just put this issue in the forum if you (educated peoples) don’t discourage such injustice than Allah nigahban…
    I thanks to all those who support us on this issue and I believe that everyone know how was the so called meritocracy… Sorry Aizaz and sohail…

  2. Farooq and some other people are personally hitting some candidates.this is totally unethical and doesn not suit any educated person.
    And secondly this is tragedy of our soceity we never accept our failure..we always start pulling legs of successfull candidates and complaining about system rather than improving ourselves..
    So all you sick people go and get a life…

  3. For the applicant who is talking about selection in Economics:
    1) 1st they conducted nts test to test the ability. the 1st two selected candidates scored 75 & 80 respectively i.e the toppers & more competent than u (U said u scored 68) 2) After calculation of academics both were on top with 43 & 42.2 respectively 3) The subject specialists i.e chairman economics dept peshawr university, another prof of peshawr university & chairman economics dept UoCh supervised the demo & when they displayed their results the above two were on top. 4) PD only approved their recommendation. If u had any objection in the transparency of the above process u can use legal means.

    • You have summed it up well Sohail…what about the other two selected for Economics ..any idea what was there aggregate score and where were they placed on merit list before interview ???

      • Karimullah bae this the main question u just asked. people are not talking about the latter two selected candidates and their aggregates. and the important question is that why one mark is deducted from the aggregate of some candidates and it is not deducted from the aggregate of the latter two selected candidates. this deduction of one mark had changed dramatically the merit list. I was in top 3 or 4 and transferred to number 6.

    • Sohail sb… people are not talking about the latter two selected candidates and their aggregates. and the important question is that why one mark is deducted from the aggregate of some candidates and it is not deducted from the aggregate of the latter two selected candidates. this deduction of one mark had changed dramatically the merit list. I was in top 3 or 4 and transferred to number 6 due to deduction of one mark from the aggregate marks..give me any solid reason of this deduction. this is my million dollar question and bone of contention.

  4. @farooq:
    Right – I was really shocked to see opposing views as some people are saying it was pure based on merit and you are telling a very different story and I want to understand who is correct and wrong. That’s why I think you shall put forward your case more clearly for everyone to understand and support you if you are right. So from what I understand before interview (which you think was injustice) there was NTS and academic marks and based on aggregate a merit list was drawn up. Right? so where were you placed and where were the selected candidates placed based on that purely merit based aggregate scores??? will be easy to understand your case if you clear this.

  5. hahaha. After Niazi another spokesperson of PD. Waya Mataya Nakami karwan jata raha, Karwan ka dil sa ahsas zayan jata raha.

  6. The selection processes and selecters of recent recrutment was up to the mark and appereciable and the credit only goes to PD university of chitral.. Reruitment is one of the one of the challenging taskes particularly in this time of ploitical influence PD should be awarded for making appointments on merit. I by chance met with a candidate who was not selected but he was satisfied from the peocesses and method of selection, he also showed his full satisfaction on the selection committee.

    • @mohd arif: “I by chance met with a candidate who was not selected but he was satisfied from the peocesses and method of selection, he also showed his full satisfaction on the selection committee.”
      If you think this aerial fire can be a proof of the transparency of the recruitment, then you made my day. lol

  7. ھم ایچ ای سی اور گورنر کے پی کے سے اپیل کرتے ھیں. کہ چترال یونیورسٹی کے پی ڈی کو فوری طور پر تبدیل کیا جاۂے. اس کی جگہ دوسرے صحیح بندے کو پی ڈی مقرر کرے. گریڈ سولۂ سے نیچے کے پوسٹوں میں مکمل طور پر سفارش کی گۂی اور میرٹ کو ملیامیٹ کیا گیا.

  8. The disgusting, baffle and so called transparency and the atrocity of selection board is not only my concern but also harmful for the young generation as well as the stockholders of this society. I have strong reservations on this so called transparency selection.

    • The provincial government and PD must be congratulated for their excellent efforts in upholding merit and devising a mechanism where different university professors were included For the recruitment. Not a single claim has so far surfaced where someone was asked for money or commission. Most of the young guys and girls hired are from poor backgrounds without any so called connection and they are really happy from the transparency and merit. This is first of its kind in Chitral where even selection of border police used to be based on commission. We shall extend our congrats to PD Badshah for such an excellent merit based scholarship. Anyone who losses a merit based competition will feel dejected and it is understandable but those who did not qualify must work hard for future opportunities rather acting as sore losers and humialitomg those who were selected.

      • Please correct your information that there were professors only from Peshawar university rather than different universities… For economics there were two prof… Dr Zalakar and dr Amjad, this is what the blind support and hypocrisy, it indicates the meritocracy of P&D…

        • Young man, I do not brush away your allegations, you might be right in what you are saying and injustice may have been done to you. However, you might just be crying foul after getting rejected which is a usual norm in our society. There are both possibilities. My suggestion is you provide some details for us to be able to support you. let’s start with the following:
          i) What was your NTS score and NTS score of the top 6-7 candidates for Economics
          ii) Which branch of Economics (Economics, Econometric, Health, Environment Etc.)have you studies for MPhil?
          iii)Before the interview where you see injustice was done there was an aggregate merit list based on academics, NTS and others. Unfortunately I cannot see a complete merit list on University of Chitral website and is retrievable only by roll number. However can you provide a list of this merit list for top 10 candidates and your position in the top 10?

          This will determine your position before the interview. This will all be purely on merit as PD would not be able to play with NTS score or academic record. So we can determine where were you placed against the ‘totally incompetent selected candidates’ before the interview. Will wait for your reply.

          • Mr. Ali
            As my NTS score is concern I got 68 (8th position). Other than that, I did M.phil in pure economics (Macroeconomics and International finance). The selected candidate got 64 in NTS (17th position), while surprisingly, the other selected candidate got 57 (35th position). Note: total candidate were 73 hahah.
            I am not concern with all these. I am not taking Demo etc into account because of asymmetry information. However, in demo the panel appreciate me. I am concern with group interview, where the mentioned tragedy happened inside p&d office, you can read above.

  9. میں بحیثیت امیدوار اس سلیکشن سے نھصرف احتلاف رکھتا بلکہ اپنے تحفظات کا بھی اظھار کرتا ھوں۔ میں اپنے ساتھ انے والے واقعے کا زکر اللہ کو حاضر جانکر پیش کرتا ھوں۔ ھوا یوں کہ جب مجھے ڈیمو کےلۓ بلایا گیا یقین جانے میں نے کوالٹی کا ڈیمو دیا جسے انھوں نے خود بھی سراہا۔ اب جب میرٹ لسٹ لگا تو بدقسمتی یا حوشقسمتی 6 نمبر پر تھا۔ لیکن میں قرآن پاک کا یہ ایت دھراتا رہا کہ لا تقنتوا من رحمتللہ۔ جب پتہ چلا کہ انٹریو میں اچھے پرفامنس سے سلیکشن ھوسکتی ہے تو مجھے یقین ہوا کہ میرا ہوجۓگا اور جب یہ بات کسی نے مجھے بتایا کہ گروپ میں انٹریو ہے ٹو میں اور خوش ہوا ییکہ کر کہ پتہ چلے کون کتنا پانی میں ہے۔ محتصریکہ انٹرویو شروع ہوا تو پی اینڈ ڈی نے 2 منٹ کےلۓ سب کو’پاکستان کے معاشی مسايل پر روشنی ڈالنے کا کہا۔ براے نام میرٹ کے پہلے نمبر کے بندے کو چانس دیا۔ جناب نےبات کی اگرچہ وزن تو نہیں تہا۔ البتہ بات کی۔ اپ دوسرے نمبر کی باری ائ تو کمال ہوا 2 جملے بول کہ سانس نے ساتھ چھوڑ دیا پی اینڈ ڈی صاحب نے پانی پیش کرنے اور باھر لیجانے کا کہا۔ پھر بڑے فخر سے متوجہ ہوا اور کہا یہ قابل ہے ہمارے ساتھ کام کرتی ہےایک اور بات کی جو حذف کرتا ہوں امیدوار کی غزت کو خاطر رکھ کر
    تیسرے کی باری ائ تو اسنے کمال کر دیا جسمیں 2 باتین قابل ذکر ہے پہلی یکہ پی اینڈ ڈی صاحب نے پوچھا کہ اپ فلان کی اولاد ہیں جب ہان کہا گیا تو کمال ہوا صاحب نے کہا اسکے ابو میرے دوست ہیں لیکن اسکے بارے میں نہیں بتایا ہاہاہا۔ اسکے بعد دیکہنے والا سین تھا وہ تو ورق پکڑ کر بولنی شروع ہوگی تو کسی دردمند ادمی نے اسے ایسا کرنے سے منع کیا۔ میں نے سمجھا یہ بھی گئ۔ اب چھوتے کی باری ائ تو ایک اور کمال ہوا اس سے 2 منٹ انگلش نہیں بولی گئ پھر وہ دردمند ادمی نےاسے چھب کروا دیا۔ بہرحال میں نے بھی اپنا موقف دیا اور انسے کئگنا اچھی تھی۔ لیکن ان 4 کا سلیکشن ہوا
    اب اپنے تحفظات بیاں کرتا ھوں
    امیدوار 2 نے کچھ بھی نہیں بولی مگرکہا گیا یہ اچھی پڑھاتی ہے وعیرہ جناب اب کی ساری باتین مانتا ہوں اگر ایسی ہی بات تھی تو یہ سب تماشا کرنے کی کیاضروت؟ اگر کیرّیر دیکھنا ہے تو میں اسلامک یونیورسٹی میں پڑھاتا ھو اور پاکستان کے ٹاپ یونیورسٹی قائد اعضم سے پی ایچ ڈی کر رھا ہوں پھر میں کیوں نہیں
    اپ کا امیدوار کو یہ کہنا کہ اسکے ابو۔۔۔۔کیا شو کرتا ہے اور اسکا ورق سے پڑنا
    اخری سیلیکٹیٹ امیدوار کا اردو میں باتھ کرنا اور اپکا منع کرنے کے باوجود سلکشن کرنا کیا شو کرتا ہے
    مجھے پھلے والے پر بھی تحفظات ہیں لیکن چھوڑو
    اب اپ بتاۓ یہ فۂر ہے کیا؟ اور میں ابھی بھی ان کو چیلنچ کرتا ہو کہ ازاد کمیٹی بٹھائیں پھر یہ مجھ سے اگے نکلے میں معافی کے لے تیار ہو۔ یہ میرا چیلنچ ہے۔۔۔اور بھی باتین ہیں لکین شاٹ کیا۔۔تحریر میں غلطیوں کے لے معزرت

  10. Hey guys,Where is transparency i can’t found,I cancelled my interview for BS 16.Phly tu paisay seeday laitay thy ap NTS kay zariyai laitay hain.Afer qualifying the test without SEEFARISH no one lesion

  11. If you take each selected candidate you will find him Son or daughter of any influential person or having political backing. Merit is murdered and it is extremely sorry to say that Niazi once spokesmen for human right has become spokesperson of demerit selection just for any personal benefit.

  12. Salute to Project Director Dr.Badsha Munir for introducing the culture of merit in appointment process….those who could not qualify the selection process are also satisfied…let us be honest to appreciate the right thing….Compare it with previous regime appointment process and you will feel the difference…

  13. uff yr how it is transparent ?????????? shame on you Niyazi sb….your are gaining personal or individual profit it is totally indignity means attack on such clean,sweet,purely,term …transparency ……

  14. The candidates who are rejected complain that the process of recruitment in Chitral university was not on merit based, it was based on personal like and dislike of PD and political connection. The person having either contact with PD as well as those candidates having strong political affiliation are given opportunity, while other competent candidates having no sources to influence PD have been rejected. It is also to mention here that the system of recruitment was also faulty and it has been maneuvered to facilitate blue-eyed of the PD. In some instances too much importance was given to academic marks while in other such case too much importance was given to demonstration and re-demonstration. Overall the process was not based on merit it was made on the personal like and dislike of PD and political affiliation also played dominant role in the process of selection.