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  1. Sherjehan, you are living in fools paradise. If God has given you eyes, you would have not written this article, i know you some one has fed you. I have seen with my own eyes AKDN work in remote areas of Chitral. Have some sense being Ismaili you are against your own institutions.

  2. No doubt that AKDN has done miracles in the various parts of pakistan in the field of Culture,Education and Human development. Hunza is the best example in the regard.But as far as Chitral is is concerned I hundred percent agree with you that it has become a puppet in the hand of few Families,I would like to say it the Mafia,The Exploiters.The use religion for their own personal benefits and exploit the people.The belong to both the communities.They are the bloodiest people,the conscienceless and the demoralized people.They have destructed the vision of AKDN. The are the beasts in human complexion. They have played their heinous role in spreading sectarianism in Chitral. But today the educated people know their vaulting and vicious intentions very well.I call upon the youth of Chitral to come forward and raise your voice against their monopoly on AKDN in Chitral.

  3. Dear Sher Jahan, I would agree with you to the point that compared to other places i.e., Hunza, not much progress has been made in Chitral. However, some of the ideas you presented need a revision.
    For example, the Ismaili community may have regard for AKDN but to say it gives it a spiritual status is not true, the criticism from the members of the community is a case in point. Even in upper Chitral many of its beneficiaries are not Ismailis. If you look at the number of employees in the economic and rural development wing, not all of them are Ismailis.
    So the point is that sectarian affiliations do not play major role rather the clan (qawmi) affiliation of these people plays a role.
    You complained about its lack of work in Chitral Town, in upper Chitral they complain that it is doing more work in lower chitral.

    One thing you did not touch at all is the opposition to it by some religio-political parties, the issue of PDCC land is a case in point. The land was bought, but the main opposition was from Chitral town itself, religio-political parties did not want it to be constructed there.

  4. It would have been better had the writer provided the readers with some specific examples. It sounds like he is generalizing some personal issues. AKDN’s contribution in socio-economic development of chitral is beyond any doubt. The writer also failed to present some concrete suggestions for improvement, that shows the article is linked more to personal issue than public one.