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  1. So nice and fruit full debate,but I think these are all socially constructed things and being the educated we should eradicate such type of ackward terminology from our society,so that we can promote unity and create mutual interhermony among the people of our ever green chitral….thanks all of u to share your precious knowledge…

  2. بات سب کی درست ہے کون کہتا ہے کہ پاکستان میں ایس نہی ، ہمارے وزیر اعظم بھی لو ہار کا بیٹ ہے اور ہم نے اسے وزیر اعظم بنایا ہے تو پھر اوباما کیا حثیت رکھتا ہے

  3. Bando kia zat sher khul Khodayo bandagan.. Allah seerato kosten ki prai Ademzadagan . All these tools and tactics are the exploitation techniques practiced by the Monarchs and their decedents.Rule of nature never supports this ironic exploitation methodology.Secondly we have a proverb “Ma zato kia lalisan,ma hoona theeko lolay” means the capabilities, attitude and behaviors are the criteria for the respect. Shakhsiat ba lihaze taleem, fouqiat ba lihaze taqwa.

  4. We should not adopt a policy of ostrich and hide the ills of society. in discussing them, we can learn from our elders what are our good values in terms of our cultural richness and weaknesses.
    Secondly, no one can deny that there are still polarization in our society and we cannot and should nit simply ignore them.
    Can anyone claim that there is no ethnic polarization, sectarian isolation and even regional prejudices and hatred in the small society of Chitral?
    so my point is we should discuss and debate all issues instead of saying that there is no such issue and we should not talk of the past. No we cannot shed off the past but can bridge the gaps by educating our people. we should not teach our children to hate others on the basis of faith, ethnicity etc.
    Why we do no intermingle in society as people speaking a same language? why members of certain ethnic groups hate to marry in some other particular groups, why members of a particular school of thought even consider it haram to eat something in the hand of another group? Are these not the ills of our society and can you deny them?
    Who have sown the seeds of all these hatred among the people, who have divided them and pitched them against each other. should we remain blind to them and should these would be forgotten if we do not talk or write about them. We should expose all those who have created these hatred and try to educate our people to learn to live as equal human being without any bias and hatred towards anyone.

    • یہ مسلہ آدم دازدہ اور غلاموس صرف چترال مٰن نہیں گلگت بلتستان سمیت پاکیست کے تمام علاقون میں ہے اگر آپ سندھ پنجاب ،کے پی کے اور بلوچستان کے اندرونی علاقون مین اندر تک جاکر دیکھے نگے تو اب بھی پتھر کا زمانہ یاد آئے گا شکر ہے کہ چترال اور گلگت پاکستان میں راجون کے زمانے بھی وہ طبقاتی ظلم نہیں تھا جو آ جی ھی پاکستان اور دنیا کے تمام ممالک میں ہے یہاں ایک بات جو کہ حقیقت میں ایسی تھی کا ذکر دونوں لکھاریوں نے کیا ہے اور بہتر انداز میں کیا ہے اور یہ بھی ان لوگوں نے کہا ہے انسان سب برابر کے انسان ہیں ۔ یہ ہمارے ثقافت میں تھا یہ رھے گا لوگ اپنی عدتوں کی وجہ سے ایسا ہی نظر آئنگے

  5. Every one has his own standard of thinking and interpretation of a write up. Amongst more than hundred readers, only Dr. Jafar has commented negatively. However, thanks for reading and advice.

  6. Dr. sab, in my case I thing I am going to be successful because well educated people like read my articles. thank u sir for reading g and commenting. I really value it and will rethink on the topic

    • We thanks to all the participants and theirs valuable remarks regarding discrimination among the peoples in the areas we also condemn the old theory (might is right) We hope the educated young generation of Chitral may also condemn such kind of old theories.

      Rahmat Wali Khan

  7. Basically, both the writers have tried to discuss the social fabric of Chitral but candidly both have failed. When I had read Sher Wali Khan sb’s article basically he had tried to remind the local People that two types of people are dweller in Chitral ( one is the Lal and other is the Shermosh). Now, the second author Mr. Shams endorsed the same thinking with article on ADAMZAD and GHLAMOOS. Many rational people would agree with me that this is indirectly harassment of people of Chitral. Please, you are the literate people and having the power of the pen. So my request to all the writers, please don’t insult with the very civilized and innocent people of Chitral through highlighting the peculiar terminologies. Write to unite the people; not for division.

  8. these are the serious signpost of bacwadness and poverty of thoughts of our souciety.Pakistan availed a modern concept of westminister system of government which from inepction totally failed and still in ambience of quagmire while inoculatin rule of law and social justice irrespective of high and popular culture.on the contrary; developed and pluralist nations always set aside diversities and fevoured unity in diversity.For instance, s – africa which from inepction as a country also faced the simlar sitution of socail divsion of high and popular culture,but slow and gradually the system of apartheid and general citizens rejected this socail polarization while casting their votes in elections,yet elected Nelson mandela who belong to apartheid.likewise devloped society of Usa and uk and many other follow the democtratic tradions irrespective of slave and high cultural background in whic the election Obama of usa is anice example of social inclusioness which is amon the corerstone ingredients of successful nation states.

  9. Again very lovely article and the susequent opinion. The only difference I may have with the esteemed columnist is that the notion of inferior or superior in not an ideology ipso facto. This a social attitude aimed at ethnic and political gains in a tribal set up. The symbols and words which are used to describe the social discrimination are meant to legitimize and rationalizr a totally untenable behavior. There is bo biological, enthropological or historical evidence that should validate the notion. To be an ideology a stance must withstand academic and rationalisic dissection. For an ethinic superiority there are no logical arguments except the ethnocentrist being prone to suffer from irresistible psychological complexes.

  10. These words (ghalamus etc) are products of under-developed society and nomadic culture as soon as education and awareness spread in the areas these words will automatically disappear from the society. You can not expect such words in developed worlds like Europe, USA, Japan, Australia etc because in those countries a person is given respect in the society because of his behavior and contribution for humanity, skills, acumen and not on the basis of ethnic affiliation. Take example of Obama who is the most dignified personality in USA because of his ability and became president of USA twice. If our society also develops, these traditional terminologies will disappear and respect is given on the basis of a person contribution to humanity. We also has a good example of Abdul Sattar Edhi which is before us and he is respected by each and sundry on the basis of his goodness and positive contribution to the society.