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  1. In fact I’m in australia for the last 27:years and involved in political party. In this country such huge projects have been constructed worth of billions dollars I.e underground train tracks/STATIONS,bridges etc. and I have never seen any politician to show off In starting or opening.Dr.Faizi has explained in detail and I personally appreciate his thoughts and also failed to understand from where our leaders have brought this non sense ideas. Once again thanks to Dr Faizi sb.

  2. Dr.Inayatullah Faizi sahib is absolutely right. Having been in Canada for the last 17 years I did never see any politician innaugrating any bridge or road.I saw the engineers and supervisors visiting the site to make sure that everything is upto the standard level as these people never ever compromise over the standard.

  3. ڈاکٹر صاحب اب بالکل ٹھیک لکھ چُکے ہییں لیکن یہ چند ہفتے پہلے لکھنا چاہہیے تھا جب آپ کا ناظم چترال پاکستان چائنا اکنامک کاریڈور کے تھت ہونے والے روذون اور پلون کا افتتاح کررہا تھا۔