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اسماعیلی ہاسٹل چترال — 5 Comments

  1. Good memories. There were political motives behind the incidence where this hostel was demolished. The memories of 1982 incidence is still alive in the mind of both sects suni and ismaili, but it was not a fault of both sects. This disturbance was created through a well planned mission.

  2. Salute to you Sir. Good people never forget even a glass of water or a cup of tea offered by someone with sincerity.Sow can we forget the gigantic and unforgettable work that helped in carrying out the first world of Kalam Ilahi(IQRA).

  3. Good attempt.Sweet memories. Two corrections, one, Peer Marahmat Shah instead of Karam Ali Shah, Rahmat Azam instead of Sher Azam.

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