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Irshad Sodhar new DC Chitral — 24 Comments

  1. I totally agree with Dr. Faizi. We are still a nation of inferiority complex and deep in our thoughts we expect someone from outside Chitral will land in Chitral and solve our problems. Many of us even do not want problems solved but just wish the new officer will break bread with him some day and that is considered the epitome of Izzat like during colonial era. It is not only about welcoming but you will see many open letters to DC and many requests to DC to take notice of many things in the coming days. We should grow up I guess.

  2. I really appreciate and agree with your comments.Dc is a govt.servant and getting salary for his services to the public.We are still slaves of every one and have no moral standard. Thanks.

  3. Isn’t this culture of welcoming the DCs prevailing in Chitral only? why don’t we see in other parts of the country or KPK? Besides, the DC doesn’t care about how you think of him, if he is a good officer he will deliver well; if he isn’t, he will try to switch from an administrator to a leader of the people.

    Cool down and see for yourself!

  4. welcoming to some one specially the civil servant officer who is the administrator of the area shall not be consider buttering it is trend every where that inhabitants of the area welcome their high officials with honor and respect when it comes to Chitral it is a matter of hospitality and good image that we have shown since many decades here the matter is to guide him in proper way under the supervision of junior staffs

  5. Let him come, stay and do something. If he does his services are to be appreciated,do appriciate after it is known to the common men. Otherwise it makes no sense.

    • Dear Sir Faizi. I think there is no harm in welcoming a public servant whoever does a good job. Like we have to praise the Project Director of University of Chitral who has carried out recruitment solely on merit. And on the same line, people should be criticized who go to any length for securing jobs for their otherwise incompetent progeny?

  6. It is our culture to welcome of guest. DC is a administrator of district. if we welcome to new comer DC,so what is wrong. First impression is the last impression. Welcoming of new DC will be a good impression about chitrali people.

  7. It is just a courtesy trait of chitralis to welcome someone coming to their area, so it is ok. If someone says welcome to a DC, what he is going to get out of it?

  8. @Dr. Faizi: in Chitral, the DC counts too much in the administration and that is why the people have curiosity about the coming DC every time. It is not flattery at all to welcome and give some useful pieces of advice to the new head of district administration.
    As a member of the society, I would like to give red-carpet welcome to the new DC.
    Ta ki qahar goyan, giar, awa kiani kom a Sir.

  9. Friends! Do you see what you are doing up there? Begging a Civil Servant as if you are his servants. He is not a public leader or a Social sector development worker whose objective is to bring about change in the lives of the people; his job is to run the district affairs smoothly.

    When will this mentality of acting and behaving as servants to the bureaucrats go away ? Every govt. officer is paid to do his job well that is an integral part of their contract/JD etc.

    This kind of hopeless attitude needs to end now, we are living in 2017 and if the civil society still pin their hopes on non elected rather appointed civil servants instead of the elected representatives who are their own; neither Chitral nor this country would progress an inch.


  10. Respecting to the views and opinion of our brothers and sisters who are engaged in the debat about the posting of the new DC. I am sure being a highly qualified person from foreigon University and a CSS officer worked Peshawar Administration( hope worked Mr Riaz Khan Masood) he knows his work very well. This is our responsibility tomplaybour role hoe we together can extend pur support and cooperation to overcome the challenges our people are facing here. Highlighting the problem without suggested solution is waste of time and energy. The leaders and approach, behavior of the politicions and leaders of Chittal is the collective reflection of our majority and our culture representation. I am respecting to them rather blaming . If our own house is not in order what the outsider can do better for u. We are welcoming the new DC and wish to extend our ful and collective support in identifying problems and possible solution without pointing fingers on each others.

  11. Dear Kashif ! I think you never read anyone of my letters or write ups. I always write on matters. I never wrote on an unkmown person or a person known to me before his demise.

    • I have read almost all of yours, but of late i am disappointed by the way you have tried to prove dictatorship and authoritarian regime being good for Pakistan. If you have such views, what can we expect from propaganda infested and half literate laymen in the streets. I abhor all the political lots and parties yet i am staunch supporter of democracy and rule of law. It is the only way through which Pakistan can avoid further breakup after the gruesome episode of 1971. This rotten Political lot inshallah shall be wiped out if the political process with all its flaws crawl forwards. I am very disappointed from your writing where you have unduly criticized the civilians in order to get sympathies of the deep state. History is proud of Bhutto but Zia, Yahya Khan etc are cursed and remain in oblivion. Therefore, you should try to strengthen democracy with your writing and try to reform civilian institutions rather towing the line of Boot Polish media of Pakistan. best wishes.

  12. hahaha, @InayatFaizi It is the thing what you use to do on change of Chitral Scouts Commandant or visit of GOC Malakand to Chitral. The point is people have different tendencies. Some have a liking for civilian rule and officers while other go to any length for Khakis and Martial Law. Your above comment simply does not fit with your stature.

  13. This is absolutely not fair, Dr Faizi. No one is flattering. People who are commenting here are not politicians. We all are ordinary citizens. We are not impressed of these baboos but it is our right to tell the new deputy commissioner how he can deliver. How he can serve the people of his area to best of his abilities. What are the hurdles; what sort of politicians, and the so-called elite can trap a new officer. I am sure you remember the cold war between late Osama and district nazim. Tuje yaad ho keh na yaad, hamein yaad he zara zara.

  14. Naya DC aaney se pehle khoshamadi bazar lag gaya.Faisalabad ka makkan aagaya.Cherry polish ka depot khul gaya.Shame for every Chitrali. Shame, shame.

    • Dr Faizi Sb. with respect one thing i like to mention is please let people use their right of freedom of speech and expression as per Constitution of pakistan. do not equate people sincere feelings and welcome notes about New DC with Polishing and fake admiration like terms. if people of chitral are whole heartedly welcoming a newly appointed officer then what is wrong with that. other thing an upright officer dont get affected in his professional matters of the District..

  15. Sir Irshad is a very dynamic personality having crucial posting as ADC Peshawar (as was late Osama Shaheed). Besides he has guided hundreds of young css aspirants and helped made their way into civil services of Pakistan – a selfless contribution. Inshallah he ll do great.

  16. Why are we commenting on a routine thing of transfer and posting and in no other part of the country people will be concerned of such things.

  17. Greetings Deputy Commissioner Irshad Ali Sudhar,

    Though majoriry of Chitralis including me still can not pronounce your last name properly, we all are celebrating your posting to the mountains of Chitral.Why celebratns? Simple: we see and expect late Osama in you. He was a big man. A thorough gentleman and hardworking civil servant. He left his mark within a very short span of time. And this is the reason the people of Chitral still love him and acknowlege his services. Another reason he won the hearts of Chitraliites was because he tightened the screw around around the corrupt local politicians. He exposed them thru media. He did not listen to their illegal orders. He said NO to them on their face. And exactly this is what we are expecting from you. Osama promoted the tourism industry. He promoted the folk culture of the area. He brought donors at his own. Established a park at his own. And the list of his achievements goes on and on. Chitral is a place where you have to be very careful of the local politicians both in provincial assembly as well as in the local goverment. God gorbid if you are trapped by these cunning politicians, you may complete your term as a traditional DC but you will be remembered as worst baboo instead of a brilliant civil servant. The choice is completely yours, Mr Sudhar.
    So young man, we wish you all the best and express hope that you will fill the void left by the great Osama Warraich. Cheers!

  18. Irshad sb, “Welcome as new DC to the land of serenity & peace”!
    While PTI provincial government is going to materialize the long outstanding demand of the upper Chitral with the notification of new district towards the mid of October 2017, the general public of the upper Chitral is anxiously waiting to receive the first Deputy Commissioner of the new district with the same zeal & enthusiasm in a row. Insha Allah.

  19. We heartily welcome the new executive to the land of peace and love. It is hoped that Mr Irshad would do his level best for the development of Chitral being a talented officer of Pakistan administrative service posted in Chitral as the deputy Commissioner Chitral.

  20. New deputy commissioner is welcomed and he is requested to follow foot-step of Osama Ahamd Waraich (Shaheed) and restore supremacy of civilian in tackling of people issues in the district. You have to call the shot, because under constitution it is deputy commissioner of the district who can take decision about administrative matter. People of Chitral hope for the best………….