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آنسو اتنے نکلے کہ دل بھی دُھل گیا — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Lala (He is my elder brother that’s why the salutation), there are things in life we cherish, seems love for animals and birds is one for you. The kind nature you have possessed truly speaks for itself but there are people like us-like me, who differ a little-not much. Though I do agree with most part of the write up because it is something you love and portrays your true feelings. However, the geographical location of Chitral (imagine the landlocked Chitral with full of snow, no roads no communication nothing-some 50 years back), people had no jobs just farming and hunting-which did not start out of desire I believe rather out of hunger and need first, in later years spread across the valley like a poison. The seasonal hunting became a hobby thanks to the availability of modern guns and the unpleasant introduction of trapping whistles for migratory birds etc. Our elders used to tell us stories of how abundant these creatures used to be and how little the hunters were. There was a sacred code existing in every family and village to allow only certain people to carry guns. That made sense then because just like God’s law of balance in all other earthly matters, there was also a balance kept. I will say yes to hunting if that could be the case.

    If you ask me is hunting no more desirable or should be banned? I would say no with an argument that it should be regularised and standardised. The hunting of doves should be totally banned however as it is a symbol of peace and is nowhere in the world killed in the name of hunting !

    Nevertheless, you have produced a masterpiece which compels one to sit and think about this whole phenomenon.

    Thank you.

  2. A society is judged on the basis of two things
    1. How it treats its women?
    2.How it treats its animals?

    And our society on both grounds is not up to the mark. The way animals, birds are treated is pathetic and shameful. Look at school boys who loose their precious lives while hunting. As Muslims we should praise nature and give others a right to live as we love our lives. School teachers have more responsibility to educate their students to be better citizens and leave a better place for others to live.

  3. The behavior/treatment of people with animals and birds is a good indicator of the level of civilization and civilized people. Unfortunately most of us are barbaric, cruel, brutal and inhuman towards animals and birds.

  4. Dear Shamsul Haq Qamar sahib, There is no doubt that kindness and nice treatment towards the creatures of Rehman and Raheem Almighty Allah give you real and inner happiness.On the day of judgment, our deeds will speak.

    In Sura Muzammil verse 20 Allah(SWT)says”And whatever good you put forward for yourselves – you will find it with Allah. It is better and greater in reward”.