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  1. they will not come out of that mentality if u remain a theoritical Dr! Mr khalil?
    Sir sher wali khan is ,indeed appreciated,

  2. Dear Aseer sahab ,, i tried to endorse your openion , but most of the chitralies are still under the thread of so called royal family and the shadow of their ancestors ..
    sorry that was not published … i don’t think Chitralies could ever come out of the slavery mentality ..

  3. I pay salute to Sher Wali Khan Aseer sahib, a great teacher, a great thinker, a great poet, a great human and a towering identity of Chitral. There is no doubt that our ethics, our behavior, our character, our dealings, our level of tolerance, respect for all, sacrificing and caring for others, generosity, civilized and parliamentarian use of our tongue, humility,calling someone with respect in their absence, abstaining back biting forgetting and forgiving errors of others etc make us Ademzada and vice versa.