Much needed to mitigate sufefrings of calamity-hit Chitralis

Much needed to mitigate sufefrings of calamity-hit Chitralis

By Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil BOONI: Chitral having a total area of 14,850 and population of about half a million is prone, throughout the year, to varying intensity of natural hazards, including flash flooding, glacial lakes outburst floods (GLOFs), landslides, avalanches, heavy snowfall and earthquakes. The following table illustrates the occurrences to which Chitral is prone to, throughout the year. The given illustration reveals the fact that Chitralis – perhaps … Read more ↪


Indigenous winter festival planned

Indigenous winter festival planned

CHITRAL: A winter festival will be planned in Bumboret by the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa culture and tourism department and Ayun and Valleys Development Programme (AVDP). The event is held every winter. An official said the festival, titled ‘Indigenous Winter Festival’ will be held in February. However, the date for the event has not been decided. “During the winter festival, tribes from different valleys across Chitral will showcase their culture,” he said. “The … Read more ↪


US-China relations: impacts on Pakistan

By Ahmad Hamza Subhani No correlation will be as influential to the twenty-first century as the one between the United States, the world’s great power, and China, the world’s rising power. China’s swift economic growth, amplifying regional and global influence, pursued military modernization, and bumpy human rights background are also altering the geopolitical terrain and contributing to qualm about China’s future course. At the same time, there are some Americans … Read more ↪


Visa to principal: Langlands School BoG hails govt decision

ISLAMABAD: The Governing Body of The Langlands School and College, Chitral, at a meeting held in Islamabad welcomed the decision of the government of Pakistan to grant a work visa to Carey Schofield to enable her to continue the good work she was doing at the school to bring quality education to children of this remote district of Pakistan. She has borne the events of the last few months with … Read more ↪


Rumours about no-trust move against tehsil nazim

چترال (بشیر حسین آزاد) جمعیت علماء اسلام تحصیل چترال کے امیر اور تحصیل ناظم چترال مولانامحمد الیاس نے انکے خلاف عدم اعتماد کے حوالے سے میڈیا میں آنیوالے خبروں کوقیاس آرائیوں پر مبنی قرار ددیتے ہوئے کہا بعض عناصر افواہوں … Read more ↪


ید غا زبان کو زندہ رکھنے کیلئے ثقافتی شو کا اہتمام

چترال(گل حماد فاروقی) چترال کے حوبصورت علاقے گرم چشمہ کے پرابیک وادی میں ایک ثقافی شو منعقد کیا گیا جس کا اہتمام گرم چشمہ ایریا ڈیویلپمنٹ آرگنایزیشن (گاڈو) ایک مقامی ایل ایس او نے کیا تھا۔ ثقافی شو میں مقامی فنکاروں نے نہ صرف کھوار یعنی چترالی زبا ن میں کلام پیش کیا بلکہ چترال میں انتہائی پرانی اور اب ناپید ہونے والی ید غا زبان میں بھی کلام پیش … Read more ↪